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A PUBG test server can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store. Once downloaded, you can play the game on a PTS before the game becomes global. You can also download a PTS for Xbox One from the Microsoft store. To download the PUBG test server for Xbox One, you need to go to the Steam Library, and find the ‘PUBG’ tab. Then, click the ‘Download’ button and follow the steps that appear newshubpages.

The PUBG Experimental Server is used for testing new maps. Maps are an essential aspect of the game, so testing them on the experimental server will ensure their stability and quality chatrad. Some maps are left on the experimental server for a long time before they become available on the production version. Some may be removed from the experimental server altogether if they are not good enough to go to production waptrickcom. Regardless, the test servers are useful for players and keep the game fresh.

PUBG has two test servers. The Test Server receives updates ahead of the public server, and is therefore the most recent isohunt. It also receives updates earlier than the main server, making it ideal for beta testing them before the game is released. However, it is not mandatory to play the PUBG test server, and is only recommended if you want to test out the game before committing to the full version. If you are experiencing an issue, try disabling unrelated programs or antivirus software buxic. If you still have problems, then try launching the game again.


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